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27th of August, 2023
by Kord Campbell

Welcome to Mitta

Introducing Mitta, a document management system for developers.

Building Mitta: A Throwback to the Golden Era

Hey digital voyagers, it's Kord here. Man, it feels like just yesterday when we were rocking dial-up and battling with those pesky Y2K bugs, but here I am, 2 years deep into creating Mitta. This beauty started as a humble tool to stash and dig up webpages. But then OpenAI rolled out that first GPT marvel, and I felt that rush - you know, the one we felt back when the web was wild and young. I sensed the winds of change gusting in, especially for online search.

I've always believed that knowledge is power, but how we collect and manage that knowledge? That's the magic. So, harnessing the best from the old school, I've been weaving in a generative language model framework into Mitta. Think of it as the digital equivalent of a mixtape, but for organizing and yakking about the web gems you save.

In the pipeline? Mitta aims to be the raddest spot for community-powered curation of documents, transforming those docs via vectorization, fragment searching, and getting all mathematical with vector approximation and similarity ops. Not just that - we're gonna have the blueprint for training your own bots using these docs. Cool beans, right?

Dive In, the Water's Fine

Had a little sabbatical but fired up the engines this August. Looking to roll out something snazzy soon. For those early adopters, I've got the doors wide open for signups. Free pass, baby! Just hit the main page and tap on that login at the top right to snag your golden ticket.

Getting Jiggy with It

While I'm still under the hood tweaking the AI stuff, try throwing !help into the mix. That command's your ticket to stashing, uploading, and seeking treasures. Should give you a neat jumpstart.

Musings on VC Bucks and Business Models

Been mulling over grabbing some of that sweet VC dough to turbocharge Mitta. But let me be real – I've danced to the tunes of corporate suits before. And while I'm all for a good ol' jive, it feels a tad premature to open that door. Plus, I've got this gut feel that my vision for Mitta might not exactly be the VC flavor of the month. And, between you and me, explaining my brainchild over and over? Kinda draining. So, I'm gonna jam at my own rhythm, see where this journey takes us.

Once I dust off and polish up those blog templates, I'll beam up a juicier update. Because let's face it, what's a site without some wicked blog action?

Catch you on the flip side, Kord