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Welcome to Mitta

I'm really glad you are here and I want you to know this site never shares personal information.

21 years ago, I started a search engine I called Grub. Grub's crawler was Open Source and intended to be distributed and somewhat "aware" about what was changing on the Web, such as fluctuations in the stock market, trends in news or the a price of an item for sale online. Our number one feature request from users was the ability to add their own documents to the index. Now we have machine learning to help with document organization, I decided to reboot the "big dream" and build something new from scratch.

At its core, Mitta is document management system that allows you to use plain conversational language to converse with and instruct artificially intellegent agents to crawl, index, tag, filter and search documents you feed them, over time. Mitta provides an "operating system" for these AI agents to access realtime information and gives them the ability to remember their replies to previous interactions.

Mitta is a bootstraped, sole founder startup which is currently in closed Beta. I couldn't have done any this without the support of my family and friends! Be sure to check the socials for the latest status updates @mittacorp or @campbellkord.

In Metta,

Kord Campbell